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Chiang Mai's Low Cost Restaurant Delivery Service... Starting from ONLY 55 Baht ....!!!

Order from a variety of Chiang Mai Restaurant Menus

We offer Excellent Value and deliver your Chiang Mai takeaway directly to your doorstep, fast. Yumyum Delivery allows you to choose diverse and delicious meals from famous Chiang Mai restaurants

Yum Yum Food Delivery Chiang Mai is a great option whether you're having a party with friends or simply prefer to dine in the comfort of your own home.

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We have over 60 restaurants for you to choose from ...

  • Mini Mart

    Alcopops, Beer and Spirits ( Not available between 14.00 - 17.00 and Public Holidays )   

  • Bread

    MNM001  -   Farmhouse Bread (White) 10 Slices40 Baht
    MNM002  -   Farmhouse Bread (Wholewheat) 10 Slices40 Baht


    MNM005  -   Nestle Water (1 Litre)25 Baht
    MNM006  -   Singha Water (1 Litre)25 Baht
    MNM007  -   Chang Water (1 Litre)25 Baht
    MNM008  -   Crystal Water (1 Litre)25 Baht
    MNM009  -   Singha Soda Water15 Baht
    MNM010  -   Chang Soda Water15 Baht

    Mineral Water

    MNM020  -   Aura Water (1 Litre)35 Baht
    MNM022  -   Minere Water (1 Litre)30 Baht

    Soft Drinks

    MNM030  -   Coke (Can 325ml)25 Baht
    MNM031  -   Coke Light (Can 325ml)25 Baht
    MNM032  -   Coke Zero (Can 325ml)25 Baht
    MNM033  -   Miranda Orange (Can 325ml)25 Baht
    MNM034  -   Pepsi (Can 325ml)25 Baht
    MNM035  -   Sprite (Can 325ml)25 Baht
    MNM036  -   Coke (Bottle 1.25 L)45 Baht
    MNM037  -   Pepsi (Bottle 1.25 L)45 Baht
    MNM038  -   Sprite (Bottle 1.25 L)45 Baht
    MNM039  -   M-15025 Baht
    MNM040  -   Krrtingdreng25 Baht
    MNM041  -   Calabao Deng25 Baht
    MNM042  -   Fanta Orange (Bottle 1.25 L)45 Baht
    MNM043  -   Fanta Strawberry (Bottle 1.25 L)45 Baht
    MNM044  -   Schweppes Manao Soda (Can 325 ml)30 Baht


    MNM050  -   Red Velvet Roselle Kombucha - With its rich ruby red colour and smooth palette this kombucha, made from the hibiscus fruit calls in the sensual feel of a candlelit evening. Drink from a wine glass for extra decadence (OUT OF STOCK)200 Baht
    MNM051  -   Passion Splash Passion Fruit Kombucha - A fun and flirty mix of sweet and sour, Passion Splash is our original fruity creation. You will be greeted by the smell of tropical summertime and each sip will leave a shimmer of fizz on your tongue200 Baht
    MNM052  -   Sunshine Lemongrass Kombucha - This is a strong and vibrant citrus sip that pays homage to traditional thai aromatics. A great drink for a hot afternoon bright and refreshing to fill you with sunshine200 Baht
    MNM053  -   Simplicity Green Tea Kombucha - This is the classic kombucha for all day enjoyment. A subtle morning awakening for your digestion, a refreshing afternoon thirst quencher or a classy evening sundowner, just add mint, lime and white rum (optional)200 Baht
    MNM054  -   Herbal Bliss Basil Kombucha - We were inspired to create something special, something unconventional and distinctive with Thai basil from our own garden. This wholesome earthy drink delivers a rush of taste sensation which will leave herb lovers smiling200 Baht
    MNM055  -   Berry Love Mulberry Kombucha - When delicious bubble Cha Mama meets dark freshpressed mulberry juice the result is this magenta nectar. Fruity, sophisticated, it’s the kombucha equivalent of a fine wine. Pleasure without regrets! Made with high quality200 Baht
    MNM056  -   "Fire Boost" (Ginger) - Combine raw ginger with fermented green tea and you’ll get an elixir that literally boosts your fire. With its punchy taste, this drink will stimulate your metabolism and leave you with a warm glow (New !)200 Baht


    MNM060  -   Heineken (Can 330ml)65 Baht
    MNM061  -   Leo (Can 330ml)60 Baht
    MNM062  -   Chang (Can 330ml)60 Baht
    MNM063  -   Singha (Can 330ml)60 Baht
    MNM064  -   Heineken (Bottle 640ml) 95 Baht
    MNM065  -   Heineken (Can 500ml) 85 Baht
    MNM066  -   Leo (Bottle 630 ml)80 Baht
    MNM067  -   Singha (Bottle 500ml)80 Baht
    MNM069  -   Chang (Bottle 640ml)75 Baht


    MNM070  -   Bacardi Breezer Lemon (Bottle 275 ml)95 Baht
    MNM071  -   Smifnoff Ice Red (Bottle 275 ml) 95 Baht
    MNM072  -   Smifnoff Ice Black (Bottle 275 ml) 95 Baht
    MNM073  -   Spy Classic (Bottle 275 ml)70 Baht
    MNM074  -   Spy Black (Bottle 275 ml)70 Baht
    MNM075  -   Spy Red (Bottle 275 ml)70 Baht


    MNM080  -   Johnnie Walker Black 70 cl1620 Baht
    MNM081  -   Johnnie Walker Red 1ltr1015 Baht
    MNM082  -   Chivas Regal 70 cl1580 Baht
    MNM083  -   Bacardi Rum 75 cl890 Baht
    MNM084  -   Gilby's Vodka 70 cl520 Baht
    MNM085  -   Gilbey's Gin 70 cl550 Baht
    MNM086  -   100 Pipers 70 cl560 Baht
    MNM087  -   100 Pipers 1ltr700 Baht
    MNM088  -   Sangsom 30 cl250 Baht
    MNM089  -   Sangsom 70 cl400 Baht


    MNM095  -   Marlboro Black145 Baht
    MNM096  -   Marlboro Red 145 Baht
    MNM097  -   Marlboro Light145 Baht
    MNM098  -   Marlboro Silver145 Baht
    MNM099  -   Marlboro Menthol145 Baht
    MNM100  -   LM Red 115 Baht
    MNM101  -   LM Menthol115 Baht
    MNM102  -   Wonder Red95 Baht
    MNM103  -   Wonder Menthol95 Baht
    MNM104  -   LM Blue115 Baht
    MNM105  -   Mild 7 Sky Blue135 Baht
    MNM106  -   SMS (Red)95 Baht
    MNM107  -   SMS (Menthol)95 Baht
    MNM108  -   Winston Light115 Baht
    MNM109  -   Winston Red115 Baht
    MNM120  -   Winston Menthol115 Baht

    Pre Paid Phone Cards

    MNM115  -   1-2 Call (100 Baht)120 Baht
    MNM116  -   1-2 Call (300 Baht)320 Baht
    MNM117  -   D Tac (100 baht)120 Baht
    MNM118  -   D Tac (300 baht)320 Baht
    MNM119  -   True Move (100 baht) 120 Baht
    MNN020  -   True Move (300 baht)320 Baht

    Milk and Juices

    MNN021  -   Meiji Pasteurized Full Fat Milk 830 ml65 Baht
    MNN022  -   Meiji Pasteurized Low Fat Milk 830 ml65 Baht
    MNN023  -   Foremost Pasteurized Plain Milk 830 ml65 Baht
    MNN024  -   Foremost Pasteurized No Fat Milk 830 ml65 Baht
    MNN025  -   Foremost Pasteurized Plain Milk 450 ml40 Baht
    MNN026  -   Foremost Pasteurized No Fat Milk 450 ml40 Baht
    MNN027  -   Meiji Pasteurized Full Fat Milk 450 ml40 Baht
    MNN028  -   Meiji Pasteurized Low Fat Milk 450 ml40 Baht
    MNN029  -   Meiji Pasteurized Low Fat Milk 2.00 L115 Baht
    MNN030  -   Malee 100% Fruit Juice Apple 200 ml30 Baht
    MNN031  -   Tipco 100% Fruit Juice Pomegranate 200 ml30 Baht
    MNN032  -   Tipco 100% Fruit Juice Red Grape 200 ml30 Baht

    Ice Coffee and Ice Tea

    MNN040  -   Nescafe Ice Coffee Espresso Roast (can 180 ml)30 Baht
    MNN041  -   Nescafe Ice Coffee Latte (Can 180 ml)30 Baht
    MNN042  -   Lipton Ice Tea Lemon (Can 325ml)35 Baht
    MNN043  -   "Oishi Green Tea" Original 500 ml40 Baht
    MNN044  -   "Oishi Green Tea" Honey & Lemon 500 ml40 Baht
    MNN045  -   "Oishi Green Tea" Genmai 500 ml40 Baht
    MNN046  -   Thai milk tea jasmine flavor 180 ml /10 can/300300 Baht


    MNN055  -   Lays (Classic) 65G.30 Baht
    MNN056  -   Lays (BBQ) Crisp 65G30 Baht
    MNN057  -   Lays (Nori Seaweed) Crisp 65G.30 Baht
    MNN058  -   Pringles (Original) 47G.30 Baht
    MNN059  -   Pringles (Sour Cream & Onion) 47G.30 Baht
    MNN060  -   Tasto (BBQ) 48G.40 Baht
    MNN062  -   Tasto (Classic) 48G.40 Baht
    MNN063  -   Koh-Kae (Original) 100G.30 Baht
    MNN064  -   Cornae (Original) 56G.30 Baht
    MNN065  -   Cornae (Cheese) 56G.30 Baht
    MNN066  -   Roller Coaster (Original) 57G30 Baht
    MNN067  -   Fisherman's Friend Cherry50 Baht
    MNN068  -   M&M (Milk Chocolate) 40G40 Baht
    MNN069  -   M&M (Chocolate & Peanut )40G.40 Baht
    MNN070  -   Fisherman's Friend Herbel Mint50 Baht
    MNN071  -   Tong Garden Salted Peanuts 180 g.50 Baht
    MNN072  -   Tong Garden Saled Cashew Nuts 180 g.135 Baht
    MNN073  -   Tong Garden Chilli Flavoured Broad Beans 60g.20 Baht
    MNN074  -   Tong Garden Saled Almonds 40 g40 Baht
    MNN075  -   Tong Garden Saled Cashew Nuts 40 g.40 Baht
    MNN076  -   Tong Garden Saled Pistachios 30 g.40 Baht
    MNN077  -   Tong Garden Saled Pistachios 30 g.40 Baht
    MNN078  -   Tong Garden Saled Broad Beans 40 g.25 Baht
    MNN079  -   Hand Brand Pumpkin Seeds 33 g.25 Baht
    MNN080  -   Menglembu Groundnuts 90 g.30 Baht
    MNN081  -   Marujo Original 75 g.30 Baht
    MNN082  -   Marujo Chicken 75 g.30 Baht
    MNN083  -   Toro Popcorn 50 g.30 Baht
    MNN084  -   Pejoy Cookie & Cream 39 g30 Baht
    MNN085  -   Pejoy Chocolate 39 g30 Baht
    MNN086  -   Collon Chocolate 54 g30 Baht
    MNN087  -   Collon Strawberry 54 g30 Baht
    MNN088  -   Pretz Larb 38 g30 Baht
    MNN089  -   Pretz Con 38 g30 Baht
    MNN090  -   Pretz Tum Yum 38 g30 Baht
    MNN091  -   Pretz Original 38 g30 Baht
    MNN092  -   Pocky Strawberry Fruity 35 g35 Baht
    MNN093  -   Pocky Blueberry Fruity 35 g35 Baht
    MNN094  -   Pocky Choco Banana 25 g30 Baht
    MNN095  -   Pocky Strawberry Biscuit 47 g30 Baht
    MNN096  -   Pocky Chocolate Biscuit 47 g 30 Baht
    MNN097  -   Pocky Matcha Greentea 33 g30 Baht
    MNN098  -   Pocky Cookie & Cream 33 g30 Baht

    Instant Noodles

    MNN115  -   Mama Cup Shrimp Flavour ( Tom Yum ) 60 G.30 Baht
    MNN116  -   Mama Cup Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour 60 G.30 Baht
    MNN117  -   Mama Cup Pork Flavour 60 G.30 Baht
    MNN118  -   Yum Yum Tom Yum Seafood Flavour 60 G.30 Baht