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We have over 60 restaurants for you to choose from ...

  • Salad Concept

    Open 10.00 - 21.00 Daily

    Delivery Fee 55.00 Baht

    International, Salads, Thai  

  • "Restaurant is now closed, you can only order during the operating hours"


    SLD910  -   Whole Wheat Dinner Roll20 Baht
    SLD911  -   Focaccia Bread30 Baht
    SLD912  -   Pita Bread -1Piece30 Baht
    SLD913  -   English Toast-2Pieces25 Baht


    SLD957  -   Pumpkin Soup70 Baht
    SLD958  -   Tomato Basil Soup70 Baht
    SLD959  -   Shiitake Mushroom Soup70 Baht


    SLD963  -   Potato Cheese Ball 84 Baht
    SLD964  -   Spicy Chicken Salad Taco89 Baht
    SLD965  -   Crispy Fish Sticks Served With Tartar Sauce115 Baht
    SLD966  -   Deep Fried Tofu With Sesame Sauce74 Baht
    SLD967  -   Potato Wedges74 Baht
    SLD968  -   Eringii Mushroom Tempura84 Baht
    SLD969  -   Butter Bread90 Baht
    SLD970  -   Mushroom Pate with Bread100 Baht
    SLD971  -   Spicy Chicken84 Baht


    SLD001  -   Scrambled Egg / Served with Salad, Toast and Grilled Bacon - 125 Baht
    SLD002  -   Poached Egg / Served with Bacon and Salad - 130 Baht
    SLD003  -   Fried Egg / Two Eggs, Two Slices Of Bacon, Salad And One Whole-Wheat Toast - 125 Baht
    SLD004  -   Egg Benedict / With Hollandaise Sauce, Two Slices Of Bacon, Tomato, Asparagus And Salad - 130 Baht
    SLD005  -   Pancake Bacon and Fried Egg130 Baht
    SLD006  -   Muesli Yogurt Be Happy130 Baht
    SLD007  -   Omelette / With Bell Peppers, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Two Slices of Bacon, Salad And One Whole-Wheat Toast - 130 Baht
    SLD008  -   Egg Florentine155 Baht
    SLD009  -   Egg in a Pan / Two Fried Eggs, Mushroom, Tomato, Onion, Mozzarella Cheese, Bacon And Wholat-Wheat Toast - 120 Baht
    SLD010  -   Spinach Omlette130 Baht


    SLD000  -   Regular Salad or Wrap Salad / Please click the box with the blue arrow for choice of fillings ( 74 THB / 94 THB ) -  Baht
    SLD011  -   Extra Salad Dressings / Please click the box with the blue arrow for choice of dressings (prices from 30 bht) - 0 Baht

    Special Salad

    SLD035  -   Organic Tofu Salad / Japanese Soy Sauce Dressing - 110 Baht
    SLD036  -   Potato Salad / Our Signature Potato Salad, Fresh Lettuce Mix with Tofu Dressing. Topped with Bacon - 110 Baht
    SLD037  -   Caeser Salad / We Mix Anchovies in our Dressing, Topped with Bacon and Boiled Egg - 120 Baht
    SLD038  -   Fruit Salad served with natural yoghurt110 Baht
    SLD039  -   Beef Salad / Grilled Beef with Lettuce and Japanese Soy Sauce Dressing - 150 Baht
    SLD040  -   Avocado Salad (Seasonal) / Avocado, Shrimp, Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. Strawberry Dressing - 150 Baht
    SLD041  -   Lanna Signature Salad / Northern Ingredients like Sausage, Pork Crackings and Chilli Paste - 170 Baht
    SLD042  -   Grilled Premium German Sausage Salad / Pork or Veal, Served with Mashed Potatoes - 195 Baht
    SLD043  -   Pork Tongkatsu Salad / Deep Fried Pork with Fresh Lettuce and Tartar Suace - 160 Baht
    SLD044  -   Fried Dory Fish Steak Salad served with Tartar sauce160 Baht
    SLD045  -   Tuna Salad / Lettuce, Tuna, Onion, Corn, Tomato, Feta Cheese, Olives, Thousand Island Dressing - 150 Baht
    SLD046  -   Shrimp Salad / Fresh Boiled Shrimp, Radish, Tomato, Cashew Nut, Thousand Island Dressing - 160 Baht
    SLD047  -   Grilled Chicken Salad / Chicken Breast Grilled with Soy Sauce and Served with Japanese Soy Sauce Dressing - 120 Baht
    SLD048  -   Salmon Sashimi Wholewheat Pasta Salad / Wholwheat Spaghetti, Raw Salmon, Cucumber and Tofu Dressing - 170 Baht
    SLD049  -   Sashimi Salad / Raw Salmon, Raw Tuna, Seaweed, Crabstick, Salad with Wasabi Dressing - 220 Baht
    SLD050  -   Mango Salad / Ripe Mango, Fresh Lettuce, Shrimp, Cashew Nut and Strawberry Dressing - 155 Baht
    SLD051  -   Cucumber Salad Served with Fried Dory Fish120 Baht
    SLD052  -   Grilled Salmon Steak / Served with Grilled Vegetables  - 290 Baht
    SLD053  -   Soft Crab Rice Burger Salad170 Baht
    SLD054  -   Salad Concept Veggie Pizza 185 Baht


    SLD100  -   Mango Aloha Salad Wrap / Mango Salad with Tortilla Flour - 180 Baht
    SLD101  -   Chicken Caesar Wrap / Caesar Sald and Roasted Chicken with Tortilla Flour - 134 Baht
    SLD102  -   Quinoa Tortilla Wrap - Tofu Dressing150 Baht
    SLD103  -   Northern Thai Style Salad Wrap / Northern Style Salad with Tortilla Flour - 190 Baht

    Burger / Sandwich

    SLD125  -   Chicken Salad in Pita Bread - Tofu Dressing120 Baht
    SLD126  -   Ham Cheese Spinach Toasted Panini140 Baht
    SLD127  -   Wholewheat Burger (Beef / Chicken / Pork / Tofu)194 Baht
    SLD128  -   Hotdog - With Smoked Bacon Sausage or Veal Sausage170 Baht

    Quinoa Salad

    SLD140  -   Quinoa Energy Boost / This High Protein Vegan Menu will Satisfy your Appetite. Mix Quinoa with Job's Tear, Red Bean, Carrot, Corn, Tomato, Raisin, Olive, Organic Tofu And Tamarind Dressing. You can Feel the Freshness in Every Bite - 130 Baht
    SLD141  -   Quinoa Omelette Roll / Mix Quinoa, Cabbage, Carrot, Asparagus and Tofu Dressing together and Stuff Them in a Hearty Omelette - 140 Baht
    SLD142  -   Spicy Quinoa Thai Style / Mix Quinoa, Tomato, Onion, Corn, Carrot, Cashew Nut and Sunflower Sprout with Thai Spicy Sauce  - 110 Baht
    SLD143  -   Spicy Quinoa Ball With Notthern Sausage / No Meat, Fish, Milk and Honey - 160 Baht
    SLD144  -   Pineapple Fried Quinoa And Rice / Sweet Savory Fried Rice With quinoa, Pineapple Juice And Shrimp - 194 Baht
    SLD145  -   Risotto Quinoa With Mushroom / Cheesy Quinoa, Rice and mushroom. What a perfect combination - 140 Baht
    SLD146  -   Quinoa Fried rice with Bean chili Paste and tofu Steak / Try this spicy local taste which blends perfectly with Quinoa - 110 Baht


    SLD170  -   Spaghetti Cabonara 144 Baht
    SLD171  -   Spaghetti With Northern Style Sausage 110 Baht
    SLD172  -   Spaghetti Seafood164 Baht
    SLD173  -   Spaghetti Smoked Bacon Sausage144 Baht
    SLD174  -   Spaghetti Green Curry and Grilled Salmon185 Baht
    SLD175  -   Spaghetti Cramy Avocado Ebiko124 Baht
    SLD176  -   Spaghetti Thermidor220 Baht
    SLD177  -   Spaghetti Pesto with Mushroom110 Baht
    SLD178  -   Spaghetti Pesto with Salmon170 Baht
    SLD179  -   Macaroni with Pork Sausage80 Baht

    Clean Menu

    SLD195  -   Stir Fried Sunflower Sprouts with Fish Served with Riceberry Rice80 Baht
    SLD196  -   Spicy Raw Salmon with Riceberry Rice155 Baht
    SLD197  -   Spicy Chicken (Laab) Served with Riceberry Rice80 Baht
    SLD198  -   Grilled Chicken Served with Riceberry Rice90 Baht
    SLD199  -   Wheatgrass Juice Steamed Rice and Fried Dory Fish135 Baht
    SLD200  -   American Fried Rice110 Baht
    SLD201  -   Red Curry Tofu with Riceberry Rice120 Baht
    SLD202  -   Fried Riceberry Rice with Grilled Salmon185 Baht