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Chiang Mai's Low Cost Restaurant Delivery Service... Starting from ONLY 55 Baht ....!!!

Order from a variety of Chiang Mai Restaurant Menus

We offer Excellent Value and deliver your Chiang Mai takeaway directly to your doorstep, fast. Yumyum Delivery allows you to choose diverse and delicious meals from famous Chiang Mai restaurants

Yum Yum Food Delivery Chiang Mai is a great option whether you're having a party with friends or simply prefer to dine in the comfort of your own home.

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We have over 60 restaurants for you to choose from ...

  • EL Diablo's - Chiang Mai

    Open 10.30 - 21.00 Daily

    Delivery Fee 55.00 Baht

    Mexican, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas   

  • "Restaurant is now closed, you can only order during the operating hours"

    Nachos (Large Plate of Tortilla Chips, Bean, Salsa Pico Gallo, Sour Cream & Jalepenos)

    ELD019  -   Cheese Nachos 200 Baht
    ELD020  -   Cheese & Chicken Nachos225 Baht
    ELD021  -   Cheese & Chorizo Nachos225 Baht
    ELD022  -   Cheese & Beef Nachos245 Baht
    ELD023  -   El Grande Nachos310 Baht

    Burritos (Salsa, Sour Cream, Salad, Jalapenos, Cheese , Guacamole and The Rest)

    ELD030  -   Grilled Chicken Burrito 220 Baht
    ELD031  -   Rice & Beans Burrito 170 Baht
    ELD032  -   Steak Burrito 275 Baht
    ELD033  -   Grilled Vegetable Burrito 190 Baht
    ELD034  -   Chorizo Burrito220 Baht
    ELD035  -   Pork & Red Chile Burrito 220 Baht
    ELD036  -   Chicken & Green Chile Burrito 220 Baht
    ELD037  -   Chorizo & Egg Burrito245 Baht
    ELD038  -   Egg Burrito 170 Baht
    ELD039  -   Ground Beef Burritos260 Baht

    Quesadillas (Cheese, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Beans, Salsa & Jalapenos)

    ELD045  -   Chicken Quesadilla 220 Baht
    ELD046  -   Chorizo Quesadilla 235 Baht
    ELD047  -   Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla 195 Baht
    ELD048  -   Cheese Quesadilla 195 Baht
    ELD049  -   Steak Quesadilla 265 Baht
    ELD050  -   Ground Beef Quesadillas245 Baht

    Side Order

    ELD061  -   Side of Cheese 60 Baht
    ELD062  -   Side of Sour Cream60 Baht
    ELD063  -   Side of Guacamole60 Baht
    ELD064  -   Side of Jalapenos45 Baht
    ELD065  -   Side of Rice & Beans70 Baht
    ELD066  -   Side Salad 70 Baht

    Big Salad

    ELD010  -   Fresh Fruit in Season Salad120 Baht
    ELD011  -   Garden Greens Plus Salad120 Baht

    Hot Tamales - (Handmade Spicy Shredded Meat in Corn Massa Steamed in Banan Leaf)

    ELD014  -   Chicken Hot Tamales70 Baht
    ELD015  -   Pork Hot Tamales70 Baht


    ELD016  -   Cheese Enchiladas85 Baht
    ELD017  -   Chicken Enchiladas85 Baht
    ELD018  -   Pork Enchiladas85 Baht

    Tostados (Large Crispy Tortilla Piled High with The Good Stuff)

    ELD070  -   Pork and Red Chili Tostados85 Baht
    ELD071  -   Beef Tostados85 Baht
    ELD072  -   Chicken Tostados75 Baht
    ELD073  -   Grilled Shrimp Tostados85 Baht
    ELD074  -   Egg Tostados75 Baht
    ELD075  -   Chorizo Tostados85 Baht
    ELD076  -   Chicken and Green Chili Tostados85 Baht
    ELD077  -   Rice and Beans Tostados70 Baht
    ELD078  -   Fried Fish Tostados85 Baht
    ELD079  -   Roast Pork Tostados75 Baht
    ELD080  -   Grilled Vegetables Tostados75 Baht

    Tacos (Soft Tortilla and Abundantly Topped Off)

    ELD083  -   Pork and Red Chili Tacos85 Baht
    ELD084  -   Beef Tacos85 Baht
    ELD085  -   Chicken Tacos75 Baht
    ELD086  -   Grilled Shrimp Tacos85 Baht
    ELD087  -   Chicken and Green Chili Tacos85 Baht
    ELD088  -   Rice and Beans Tacos70 Baht
    ELD089  -   Chorizo Tacos85 Baht
    ELD090  -   Fried Fish Tacos85 Baht
    ELD091  -   Roast Pork Tacos75 Baht
    ELD092  -   Egg Tacos75 Baht
    ELD093  -   Grilled Vegetables Tacos75 Baht

    Combo Platters (Spanish Rice & Beans, Spicy Salad and Choice of Salsa )

    ELD095  -   Combo Platter with Tamale, Enchilada and Tosdado (Click Blue Box for list of toppings)235 Baht
    ELD096  -   Combo Platter with Three Tacos (Click Blue Box for list of toppings) (Please Select Only 3)235 Baht
    ELD097  -   Combo Platter with Three Tostados (Click Blue Box for list of toppings) (Please Select Only 3)235 Baht
    ELD098  -   Combo Platter with Burrito, Taco and Tostado (Click Blue Box for list of toppings)310 Baht
    ELD099  -   Combo Platter with Burrito and Two Enchiladas (Click Blue Box for list of toppings) (Please Select Only 2 Enchiladas)335 Baht
    ELD100  -   Combo Platter with Three Enchiladas (Chicken, Pork, Cheese)260 Baht
    ELD101  -   Combo Platter with Two Tacos and Two Tamales (Click Blue Box for list of toppings) (Please Select Only 2 Tacos and 2 Tamales)260 Baht

    Guacamole Chips & Salsa

    ELD103  -   Guacamole Chips & Salsa (Small 85 Thb / Large 160 Thb) Baht

    Chicken Mole

    ELD105  -   Roast Chicken Mole - with Rice, Beans, Salad and Tortilla285 Baht