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  • Som Tum Nong Khai - Chiang Mai

    Open 10.00 - 21.00 Daily

    Delivery Fee 55.00 Baht

    Thai, Isaan  

  • "Restaurant is now closed, you can only order during the operating hours"


    SNK002  -   Papaya Salad Lao Style50 Baht
    SNK003  -   Papaya Salad Thai Style50 Baht
    SNK004  -   Papaya Salad Thai Style With Crab50 Baht
    SNK005  -   Papaya salad with pickled fish50 Baht
    SNK006  -   Papaya Salad With Crab & Pickled fish50 Baht
    SNK007  -   Papaya Salad With Pork Caps65 Baht
    SNK008  -   Green Mango Salad With Anchovy55 Baht
    SNK009  -   Papaya Salad Thai Vermicelli55 Baht
    SNK010  -   Cucumber Salad With Anchovy50 Baht
    SNK011  -   Cucumber Salad Thai Style50 Baht
    SNK012  -   Cucumber Salad With Thai Sausage65 Baht
    SNK013  -   Papaya Salad Fried Pork Skin With Anchovy65 Baht
    SNK014  -   Papaya Salad With Cockle Thai Style65 Baht
    SNK015  -   Papaya Salad With Cockle And Anchovy65 Baht
    SNK016  -   Papaya Salad With Con And Salt Egg65 Baht
    SNK017  -   Papaya Salad With Con 55 Baht
    SNK018  -   Papaya Salad With Fresh Crab 115 Baht
    SNK019  -   Papaya Salad with Roasted Pork65 Baht
    SNK020  -   Tam Co- Rach 55 Baht
    SNK021  -   Papaya Salad with Seafood 75 Baht

    Spicy Salad

    SNK022  -   Spicy Roasted Pork Salad 60 Baht
    SNK023  -   Cockle Spicy Salad60 Baht
    SNK024  -   Spicy Salad With Fresh Crab130 Baht

    Grilled - Larb - Soup

    SNK025  -   Charcoal-Boiled Pork Neck60 Baht
    SNK026  -   Lab Isan 60 Baht
    SNK027  -   Spicy Minced Duck Salad 70 Baht
    SNK028  -   Cooked Liver in Spicy Condiment 60 Baht
    SNK029  -   Sliced Grilled Beef Salad 60 Baht
    SNK030  -   Bamboo Shoot Salad Northeastern Style50 Baht
    SNK031  -   Grilled Chicken Wings25 Baht
    SNK032  -   Spicy Soup with Cartilage60 Baht
    SNK033  -   Mixed Mushroom Curry 60 Baht
    SNK034  -   Northern Thai Spicy Soup with Beef60 Baht
    SNK035  -   Sticky Rice15 Baht
    SNK036  -   Thai Vermicelli15 Baht