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  • VT Namnueng

    Open 10.00 - 20.45 Daily

    Delivery Fee 55.00 Baht

    Thai, Vietnamese  

  • "Restaurant is now closed, you can only order during the operating hours"

    Main Dishes

    VTN001  -   Nam Nueng / Special Vietnamese Pork Ball Roasted over Open Fire, Served with Fresh Vegetables and Special Relish (4 Pieces 160 THB / 8 Pieces 240 THB)  -  Baht
    VTN002  -   MInced Prawn Roasted Over an Open Fire on Sugarcane Skewers (Goong Pan Oiy) (3 Pieces 150 THB / 5 Pieces 220 THB) Baht
    VTN003  -   Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Kra Yor Sod) 90 Baht
    VTN004  -   Marinated Baked Pork Serve With Vermicelli (Bun Hoi) 100 Baht
    VTN005  -   Noodle Sheet Top With Flossy Pork And Crispy Pork Skin (Bun Baew) 80 Baht
    VTN006  -   Fried Vietnamese spring rolls (Por Pieer Thod) 90 Baht
    VTN007  -   Vermicelli with pork skin and condiment (Kha Nom Jean Song Krueng) 75 Baht
    VTN008  -   Vietnamese Sausage Pork Skin or Pure Pork 90 Baht
    VTN009  -   Thai Style Sausage (Sai Krok) 90 Baht
    VTN010  -   Omelette And Vegetables Roll With Spring Onion (Pun Hom) 90 Baht
    VTN011  -   Pork With Goose Berry Leaves (Nam Bai Ma Yom) 90 Baht
    VTN012  -   Saited Pork Ribs (Nam See Krong Moo Thod) 90 Baht
    VTN013  -   Vermicelli with red curry chicken (Kha Nom Jean Kang Kai) 70 Baht
    VTN014  -   Pork leg stuffed with special Vietnamese style (Kha Moo Yad Sai) 90 Baht
    VTN015  -   Vietnamese Sausage With Pork Tendon (Moo Yor En Kaew) 90 Baht
    VTN016  -   Pork Ribs Baked With Lemongrass (See-Khrong-Moo-Ob-Tha-Khrai) 100 Baht
    VTN017  -   Vietnamese Special Noodle Soup With Pork Ribs (Kuay-Jub-Yuan) 70 Baht
    VTN018  -   Rice Flour Rolls Stuffed With Ground Pork And Green Onion (Bun-Kuan) 85 Baht
    VTN019  -   Banana Blossom And Vietnamese Sausages Spicy Salad (Yum-Hua-Plee) 95 Baht
    VTN020  -   Fried Minced Pork With Special Vietnamese Style (Moo-Jaa) 90 Baht
    VTN021  -   Vietnamese Sausages Spicy Salad (Yum-Sam-Sa-Hai) 100 Baht
    VTN022  -   Vietnamese Sausages, Stuffed Pork Leg And Sour Pork Spicy Salad (Yum-Ruam-Mitr) 105 Baht
    VTN023  -   Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls (Por-Pieer-Sod-Goong) 90 Baht