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  • Yangzi Jiang - Chiang Mai

    Open 11.30 - 14.30, 18.00 - 21.00 Daily

    Delivery Fee 55.00 Baht

    Chinese, Hong Kong Style, Noodles  

  • "Restaurant is now closed, you can only order during the operating hours"


    YAJ010  -   Cold Crystal Pork Shanghai Style 270 Baht
    YAJ013  -   Cold Brine Ox Tongue With Garlic And Black Vinegar295 Baht
    YAJ014  -   Deep Fried Tofu with Chilli & Salt 205 Baht
    YAJ015  -   Cold Chicken With Spicy Sauce270 Baht
    YAJ016  -   Crispy Japanese Oyster with Kelp 295 Baht

    Barbecue Specialties

    YAJ026  -   Roasted Pork With Honey285 Baht
    YAJ027  -   Roasted Peking Duck (Whole)1200 Baht
    YAJ028  -   Roasted Duck With Soya Beans295 Baht
    YAJ029  -   Aromatic Duck ( Half ) 650 Baht
    YAJ030  -   Crispy Bacon With Ginger Pickle285 Baht

    Soup (Shark)

    YAJ043  -   Bamboo Pith with Japanese Black Mushroom Soup (Portion Per Person)220 Baht
    YAJ044  -   Hot And Sour Soup (Portion Per Person) 160 Baht
    YAJ045  -   Cantonese Soup Home Style 395 Baht
    YAJ046  -   Crab Meat With Corn Soup (Portion Per Person) 140 Baht
    YAJ047  -   Sliced Grouper With Century Egg and Parsley Soup (Portion Per Person) 140 Baht
    YAJ048  -   Braised Fish Maw Soup With Crab Meat (Portion Per Person) 140 Baht
    YAJ050  -   Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Coral (65g Shark's Fin) (Portion Per Person) 1100 Baht


    YAJ061  -   Braised Australia Whole Abalone with Vegetable (Per Piece) 1745 Baht
    YAJ062  -   Braised South Africa Whole Abalone with Japanese Sea Cucumber (Portion Per Person) 1525 Baht
    YAJ063  -   Braised Slice Abalone with Brown Sauce or Wok Fried Abalone with Soya Sauce 2450 Baht
    YAJ064  -   Braised Back Mushrooms with Fish Maw 1745 Baht
    YAJ065  -   Braised Australia Sea Cucumber Spring Onion 1745 Baht


    YAJ075  -   Steamed Fish Maw Stuffed Mushed Shrimps 315 Baht
    YAJ076  -   Stewed Fish Maw with Crab Meat Sauce 315 Baht
    YAJ077  -   Snow Fish Steamed With Soy or Black Bean Sauce / 276 /100 g - 276 Baht
    YAJ078  -   Deep-Fried Crab Claw And Stuffed Mashed Shrimps (Per Piece) 175 Baht
    YAJ079  -   Deep Fried Shrimp with Chilli and Garlic or with Mayonnaise Sauce 425 Baht
    YAJ080  -   Deep-Fried Prawns With Mayonnaise Sauce / ( Small 300 / Medium 600 ) -  Baht
    YAJ081  -   Sauteed Japanese Scallop with X.O Sauce975 Baht
    YAJ082  -   Sauteed Sliced Sea Whelk with Celery845 Baht
    YAJ083  -   Pan-Fried Japanese Scallops And Stuffed Mashed Shrimps975 Baht
    YAJ084  -   Braised Grouper with Bitter Melon Black Bean Sauce 295 Baht
    YAJ085  -   Deep Fried Squids with Spicy Sauce 260 Baht
    YAJ086  -   Sauteed Fresh & Dry Squids 260 Baht

    Pork, Beef, Lamb

    YAJ097  -   Barbecued Lamb Chop Xingjiang Style 755 Baht
    YAJ098  -   Sauteed Sliced Beef With Oyster Sauce295 Baht
    YAJ099  -   Pan-Fried Beef Tenderloin - Hong Kong Style350 Baht
    YAJ100  -   Braised Beef of Brisket With Brown Sauce350 Baht
    YAJ103  -   Braised Pork Belly With Cantonese Pickle250 Baht
    YAJ104  -   Stir-Fried Pork With Bamboo, Celery And Chili240 Baht
    YAJ105  -   Braised Lamb Shank Spicy Sauce 360 Baht


    YAJ115  -   Deep-fried Crispy Pigeon615 Baht
    YAJ116  -   Bake Salted Chicken Hong Kong Style ( Half ) 395 Baht
    YAJ118  -   Chicken With Vegetable And Pork Wonton In Hot Pot395 Baht
    YAJ119  -   Sauteed Sliced Chicken - Yunan Style240 Baht
    YAJ120  -   Sauteed Chicken with Dry Chili and Cashew Nuts240 Baht
    YAJ121  -   Deep-Fried Chicken With Orange Sauce240 Baht
    YAJ123  -   Braised Goose Web With Japanese Black Mushrooms735 Baht


    YAJ132  -   Deep Fried Assorted Mushrooms with Preserved Tofu 185 Baht
    YAJ135  -   Braised Shanghai Dough With Vegetables205 Baht
    YAJ137  -   Braised Tofu with Abalone Sauce 205 Baht
    YAJ138  -   Stewed Broccoli & Straw Mushroom with Conpoy Sauce 395 Baht
    YAJ139  -   Stewed Spinach With Salted Egg & Century Egg185 Baht
    YAJ140  -   Steamed Eggplant With Garlic and Soy Sauce185 Baht

    Cantonese Specialties

    YAJ153  -   Stewed Pork Shank With Black Pepper Sauce260 Baht
    YAJ155  -   Fried Eggplant And Stuffed Mashed Shrimp With Chili & Salt250 Baht
    YAJ158  -   Scrambled Fresh Milk with Seafood and Salmon Roe 395 Baht
    YAJ159  -   Deep Fried Chicken with Stuffed Mashed Shrimps 315 Baht
    YAJ160  -   Deep-fried Dough Sticks And Stuffed Mashed Shrimps With XO Chili Sauce250 Baht
    YAJ161  -   Sauted Salmon with Chilli & Sichuan Pepper 360 Baht
    YAJ162  -   Steamed Egg White with Red Grouper and Chinese Wine 360 Baht

    Rice & Noodles

    YAJ174  -   Boil Rice with Lobster Soup and Crispy Rice 1415 Baht
    YAJ175  -   Fried Rice Scallops With Black Truffle Pate /  - 470 Baht
    YAJ176  -   Fried Shanghai Noodles250 Baht
    YAJ177  -   Fried Rice Noodles With Sliced Beef250 Baht
    YAJ180  -   Noodle Soup With Vegetables And Pork Wontons250 Baht
    YAJ181  -   Szechwan Dan Dan Noodles250 Baht
    YAJ183  -   Congee With Shrimp Balls And Century Egg250 Baht