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  • Somtom Yumkai - Chiang Mai

    Open 10.00 - 21.00 Daily

    Delivery Fee 55.00 Baht

    Som Tum, Gai Yang  

  • "Restaurant is now closed, you can only order during the operating hours"

    Papaya Salad

    SYY019  -   Thai Papaya Salad with Dried Shrimp and Peanut50 Baht
    SYY020  -   Thai Papaya with Salted Crab50 Baht
    SYY021  -   Papaya Salad With Preserved Fish50 Baht
    SYY022  -   Papaya Salad With Preserved Fish And Pickled Crabs50 Baht
    SYY023  -   Thai Papaya Salad With Pickled Crabs50 Baht
    SYY024  -   Thai Papaya Salad With Fried Pork Skin50 Baht
    SYY025  -   Thai-Style Vegetable And Papaya Salad50 Baht
    SYY026  -   Thai Papaya Salad With Salted Egg55 Baht
    SYY027  -   Lao Papaya Salad50 Baht
    SYY028  -   Khorat Papaya Salad50 Baht
    SYY029  -   Spicy Cucumber Salad With boiled Egg.55 Baht
    SYY030  -   Papaya Salad Fried60 Baht
    SYY031  -   Top of coconut Salad55 Baht
    SYY032  -   Mango Salad60 Baht
    SYY033  -   Carrot Salad60 Baht
    SYY034  -   Spicy Long Green Bean Salad With Fried pork.55 Baht
    SYY035  -   Papaya Salad With Catfish80 Baht
    SYY036  -   Fried noodle Topped with Papaya Salad60 Baht
    SYY037  -   Papaya Salad With Sour Pork60 Baht

    Spicy minced & Sliced grilled beef salad

    SYY040  -   Sour pork60 Baht
    SYY041  -   Fried Pork Skin50 Baht
    SYY042  -   Cooked Liver in Condiment75 Baht
    SYY043  -   Spicy Minced Pork75 Baht
    SYY044  -   Spicy minced With Vermicelli 75 Baht
    SYY045  -   Sliced Grilled Pork Salad75 Baht
    SYY046  -   Sliced Grilled chicken Salad75 Baht
    SYY047  -   Sliced Fried pork salad75 Baht
    SYY048  -   Bamboo Shoot Salad Northeastern Style60 Baht
    SYY049  -   Pork Tender Soup 80 Baht
    SYY050  -   Laab Pork75 Baht

    Yum Yum

    SYY051  -   Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad Chicken70 Baht
    SYY052  -   Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad Mama65 Baht
    SYY053  -   Fried morning glory Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad65 Baht
    SYY054  -   Golden needle mushroom fried Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad65 Baht
    SYY055  -   Big Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad75 Baht
    SYY056  -   Grilled eggplant Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad With Boiled eggs75 Baht
    SYY057  -   Wing Bean Spicy Salad 75 Baht
    SYY058  -   Steamed Kale Salad With Shrimp75 Baht
    SYY059  -   Charcoal-boiled pork neck Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad 75 Baht
    SYY060  -   Vermicelli Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad75 Baht
    SYY061  -   Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad Squid75 Baht
    SYY062  -   Spicy deep-fried catfish salad75 Baht
    SYY063  -   Mixed Hot And Spicy Salad With Seafood80 Baht
    SYY064  -   Pork with Herbs and Egg Plant Spicy Salad75 Baht
    SYY065  -   Steamed Pork In Lemon Juice Spicy Salad75 Baht
    SYY066  -   Shrimp in Spicy Fish Sauce75 Baht

    Soup & Curry

    SYY067  -   Spicy Vegetable and Prawn Soup with Fresh shrimp85 Baht
    SYY068  -   Jungle Curry Chicken with Snake-Head Fish85 Baht
    SYY069  -   Hot Thai Curry with Chicken or Pork85 Baht
    SYY070  -   Green Curry Soup With( Chicken / Pork )85 Baht
    SYY071  -   Savory Curry with Chicken / Pork 85 Baht
    SYY072  -   Coconut Soup With Chicken85 Baht
    SYY073  -   Minced Pork & Soya Bean Curd Soup 70 Baht
    SYY074  -   Preserved Mustard Green Soup with Minced Pork70 Baht
    SYY075  -   Accacia Leave Omelet and Shrimp in Tamarind Flavor Soup85 Baht
    SYY076  -   Accacia Leave Shrimp in Vegetable Flavor Soup85 Baht
    SYY077  -   Tom Yam Koong - Squid- mixedseafood85 Baht
    SYY078  -   Tom Yam Snakehead Fish85 Baht
    SYY079  -   Snakehead Fish Spicy Soup85 Baht

    Grilled - fried

    SYY080  -   Crispy Skin Grilled Chicken ( Small 90 THB / Large 165 THB )0 Baht
    SYY081  -   Fried Roast chicken Small 90 THB / Large 165 THB0 Baht
    SYY082  -   Fried Chicken with Fish Sauce ( Small 90 THB / Large 165 THB )0 Baht
    SYY083  -   Fried Wings Chicken 80 Baht
    SYY084  -   Fried Chicken in Pandanus Leaves70 Baht
    SYY085  -   Deep fried marinated Pork70 Baht
    SYY086  -   Grilled Pork Neck70 Baht

    Stir Fried

    SYY087  -   Quick-fried water spinach seasoned with chili and soy sauce50 Baht
    SYY088  -   Sautéed mixed vegetables in oyster sauce55 Baht
    SYY089  -   Stir fried broccoli 55 Baht
    SYY090  -   Stir Fried cauliflower55 Baht
    SYY091  -   Crispy Pork with Kale65 Baht
    SYY092  -   Stir Vermicelli with Salted Eggs85 Baht
    SYY093  -   Stir Fried Pork on Hot Plate85 Baht
    SYY094  -   Stir Fried Pork with Red Curry85 Baht
    SYY095  -   Stir fried Pork-chicken-Squid85 Baht
    SYY096  -   Stir fried shrimp with Top Young Coconut85 Baht
    SYY097  -   Chicken Fried with Cashews85 Baht
    SYY098  -   Santed Cat fish with Chilli paste85 Baht

    Spicy dip

    SYY105  -   Northern Thai meat and tomato spicy dip 85 Baht
    SYY106  -   Green chili Northern style dip 85 Baht
    SYY107  -   Spicy shrimp paste dip 85 Baht
    SYY108  -   Chilli dip with pork and egg yolk 85 Baht

    red tilapia -Fish head

    SYY115  -   Deep fried with herbs ( Tilapia Fish 200 THB / Snake- Head Fish 200 THB )0 Baht
    SYY116  -   Deep fried with pepper (Tilapia fish 200 THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB )0 Baht
    SYY117  -   Deep fried with lemongrass ( Tilapia fish 200THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB )0 Baht
    SYY118  -   Fried fish spicy salad with herbs ( Tilapia fish 200 THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB )0 Baht
    SYY119  -   Stir fried on hot plate ( Tilapia fish 200THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB )0 Baht
    SYY120  -   Steamed with chili and lemon sauce ( Tilapia fish 200 THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB ) 0 Baht
    SYY121  -   Steamed with lemon and pepper ( Tilapia fish 200 THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB )0 Baht
    SYY122  -   Steamed with soya sauce ( Tilapia fish 200 THB / Snake-head fish 200 THB )0 Baht

    A la Carte

    SYY125  -   Stir fried fresh rice-flour noodles with chicken and egg 55 Baht
    SYY126  -   Chinese stir fried noodles with seafood 65 Baht
    SYY127  -   Chinese stri fried noodles with sea bass 65 Baht
    SYY128  -   Stir fried noodles Pork / Chicken 60 Baht
    SYY129  -   Fried rice with sour pork 60 Baht
    SYY130  -   Chinese fried rice 60 Baht
    SYY131  -   Rice with pork in oyster suace 60 Baht
    SYY132  -   Rice topped with pork, pepper and garlic 60 Baht
    SYY133  -   Rice topped with deep fried pork 60 Baht
    SYY134  -   Rice with deep fried chicken60 Baht
    SYY135  -   Rice topped with stir fried pork / chicken 60 Baht
    SYY136  -   Fried Egg 10 Baht
    SYY137  -   Sticky rice 10 Baht
    SYY138  -   Steamed rice (plate) 10 Baht
    SYY139  -   Chinese noodles 10 Baht
    SYY140  -   Steamed rice (bowl) 50 Baht
    SYY141  -   Stri fried noodles in Hong Kong style Pork or chicken60 Baht
    SYY142  -   Rice topped with fried Pork / Chicken and oyster suace 60 Baht
    SYY143  -   Fried rice with pork / chicken 60 Baht
    SYY144  -   Rice topped with pork / chicken curry 60 Baht
    SYY145  -   Rice topped with basil pork / chicken 60 Baht

    Vegetarian diet

    SYY150  -   Papaya salad 50 Baht
    SYY151  -   Fried papaya salad 60 Baht
    SYY152  -   Stir fried morning glory 50 Baht
    SYY153  -   Stir fried vegetables 55 Baht
    SYY154  -   Crispy morning glory salad 65 Baht
    SYY155  -   Winged bean in spicy coconut sauce salad 65 Baht
    SYY156  -   Spicy fried mushrooms 65 Baht
    SYY157  -   Spicy grilled eggplant with eggs salad 70 Baht
    SYY158  -   Stir fried spicy tofu 70 Baht
    SYY159  -   Spicy salad 70 Baht
    SYY160  -   Salted fried vermicelli 80 Baht
    SYY161  -   Fried noodles with kale 60 Baht
    SYY162  -   Fried thin noodles with soy sauce 60 Baht
    SYY163  -   Stir fried fresh rice-flour noodles with mushrooms and egg 55 Baht
    SYY164  -   Mushroom spicy soup 70 Baht